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Artistic Residency

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2° Edition of the Symposium of Art and Nature

 San Jachiddu’s Ecological Park, Messina


We are seeking artists to participate in an Artistic Residency scheduled for April 2025 within the San Jachiddu Ecological Park, spanning 21 days.


The Residency

Inhabited by monsters and untamed creatures, traversed for millennia, the Strait of Messina has always been a meeting point between nature and civilization, a boundary line between the unknown and human conquests. Even today, looking out over the park’s panorama, one can see those waters plied by ships, those mountains, and finally the twin cities, Reggio and Messina, which gaze into each other’s eyes every day. Too often the urban and natural environments are completely separated. The former is where activity takes place, the frenzy of daily life. The latter is little more than a pleasant retreat, where one seeks peace and rest.


We at Tagete believe that, to build a common and sustainable future, it is necessary to relearn how to integrate these two environments. The city must no longer be a cancer that destroys the natural world, and at the same time, the countryside cannot remain a bucolic place, but must be the environment of a work of care, of building communities destined to invade the cities.

We can take example from our ancestors, or try to imagine a completely different future. In any case, the challenge remains, and it is decisive: how to make these environments that today seem in eternal struggle dialogue? And what to draw from each of them, so that there is balance, occurrence?


Who can apply

The call is open to artists aged 18 and above, with diverse educational backgrounds, working in the performing arts and visual creative sectors. Applicants must be legal residents of one of the 40 Creative Europe countries, excluding Italy.

The application process is free of charge.

Winning applicants will receive accommodation, meals, materials, and instruments provided by Tagete throughout the residency. Additionally, travel expenses to and from the park will be covered by the organizers.

How to apply

Applicants must send an email to with the subject line: “Residency Call: [Your Name – Last Name].” The email should include a single PDF file containing the following:

  • Artistic Portfolio, link to the official website, or photographs of 5 realized artworks with descriptions;
  • Artist’s Curriculum Vitae;
  • A brief statement explaining how your artistic research aligns with Tagete’s principles and objectives;
  • Actual profile picture;
  • If you have a proposal for a project, send us sketches, layouts, descriptions, etc.

Selected artists will reside in the park, drawing inspiration and collaborating on artworks, particularly in the realms of Environmental Art and Site-Specific Art. The residency aims to provide artists with the opportunity to express themselves, foster connections, and create works to be permanently installed within the fort and park.


By hosting international artists and experts, the residency seeks to enrich the cultural heritage of the Ecological Park and the city of Messina. Open to the local public, it will involve collaboration with artistic, poetic, and theatrical collectives from Messina, exploring the interplay between the park’s pristine nature and the city’s urban landscape.

The Artistic Residency represents a departure from the mainstream art market, prioritizing a self-sustaining artistic space deeply connected to the surrounding territory and natural heritage. It encourages artists to transcend conventional categories and engage critically with nature, its resources, and its potential. Participants are free to follow their creative instincts and contribute personal reflections on the provided theme.


Click on the link below to download the instructions to apply!